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Oh my….Ontario Peaches

Yes, it’s that time. And I don’t know what could be more delicious….unless it’s the BC blueberries also tucked into my morning breakfast, or the farmer’s market nectarines and blue plums also ripening on my kitchen counter.

Ahh autumn, and harvests, and cooler days. Small pleasures. Mighty treasures.

Ontario peach season. Woo hoo!

Picked up a basket of these sweeties at my local East Lynn Farmer’s Market this week.  Two days later, five little baggies, each containing two perfectly ripe and oh-so-delicious peaches went into my freezer.  Woo-hoo!  January breakfasts, here I come!!

It’s my first time trying this.  I’m taking lessons from a friend mentioned in my book who happily exemplifies the first and most important Living Slim principle: valuing, prioritizing and enjoying real foods.

“One Ontario friend recently showed me her large stash of plastic baggies, filled with frozen, cut-up Ontario peaches that she had put by, as my aunt on the farm might have done, for her breakfasts during our cold Canadian winters when the quality of the imports simply cannot compete.” – Living Slim: A Canadian Woman’s Way