July 4, 2019: Second try’s a winner

First go at this farmers’ market was all rained out. But second try was a winner. Beautiful weather. Beautiful breezes. Beautiful people.

We are so fortunate to have this gorgeous farmers’ market every week during the summer.


Living Slim: A Canadian Woman’s Way
by Lillian Salmon 

Discover this positive, supportive and also kindly approach to weight management. A Canadian answer to French Women Don’t Get Fat

June 13, 3-7 pm
East Lynn Farmers’ Market
1949 Danforth Avenue, Toronto

Happy to have this book in my hands at last, and equally happy to take it out in public for the very first time at my local farmers’ market. This market was launched by a tiny group of intrepid Canadian women, filled with idealism, hope, and a profound determination to making the world a better place, starting in their own backyard.

Their joyful and courageous spirit continues to animate the neighbourhood association they also helped launch. I couldn’t think of a better place to celebrate this book.