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Living Slim’s First Amazon Review!

First reader review on!! Thanks Alexander Roth.

I’m particularly happy that this review mentioned the deliciousness of the food I write about. I believe deeply that healthy eating is happy eating. That good food is delicious food. And that our relationship with food works best when it is full of positivity, gratitude and joy.

Korean Food: Yum

It’s true.  I have given Korean food short shrift, but not anymore. (Blame it on an unhappy and goopy experience in a food court.)

But it helps in life to have friends who get you to try new things!  This spread was delicious, nutritious, and full-on worthy of Living Slim’s seal of approval. 

Note: not much in the way of heavily processed foods.  Can we learn something there… All kinds of good tastes and good nutrients from the soup, the seaweed, the egg, the meat, the veggies, and that yummy purple rice. 

This was a spread for four, and we all ate to our complete satisfaction! 

After which it was a dive into something completely else: PEI turn of the (last) century culture as we enjoyed an outdoor variation of Anne (with an e) of Green Gables in beautiful Guild Park. #livingslimcanadian

Ontario peach season. Woo hoo!

Picked up a basket of these sweeties at my local East Lynn Farmer’s Market this week.  Two days later, five little baggies, each containing two perfectly ripe and oh-so-delicious peaches went into my freezer.  Woo-hoo!  January breakfasts, here I come!!

It’s my first time trying this.  I’m taking lessons from a friend mentioned in my book who happily exemplifies the first and most important Living Slim principle: valuing, prioritizing and enjoying real foods.

“One Ontario friend recently showed me her large stash of plastic baggies, filled with frozen, cut-up Ontario peaches that she had put by, as my aunt on the farm might have done, for her breakfasts during our cold Canadian winters when the quality of the imports simply cannot compete.” – Living Slim: A Canadian Woman’s Way

Queen for a Day

You’ll want to write a blog, people said. 

I will? I said.  But, I’ve said all I want to say in the book.  This is it.  I’m finished.  I have nothing more to say.

Oh, but blogs are good marketing tools, people said.  There’s plenty you can say on health, and wellness, and diets, and so on.

I’m not so sure, I said to myself.  It had, after all, taken me quite some time to distill my thoughts into this book…

And so that is why this page and this blog (yes, I have decided to try) is called The Occasional. 

Occasionally I will try this.  And here’s goes with my very first one.

It all came about because I took a walk downtown this week, looking for new walking shoes. 

Yes, it is absolutely true.  As I say in Living Slim, I am a walker.  And, what I don’t say is this: I am not a shopper. 

I have worn my trusty walking shoes to a thread, all while avoiding the shopping required to replace them. 

But travel is coming up.  And fall is coming up.  And I may make it through summer with my threadbare pair, but not much beyond that.  So, off I went to Mountain Equipment Co-op in its new location on Queen West.  And, because of that excursion, I passed by and remembered the venerable and wonderful Queen Mother Café – the first place I ever sampled the pleasures of pad thai. 

Worth a trip back, I said to myself.  So, before I forgot this lovely thought, back I went yesterday for lunch.  And in I tucked to a quinoa salad in the beauty of their charming back-of-resto patio.  I soon realized, again, that The Queen Mum is nothing if not fresh and delicious and reliably wonderful, each and every time. 

As I munched through the salad, I also soon realized that I couldn’t finish more than half of all that yummy deliciousness.  In fact, I soon realized I was somewhat re-living the salad-munching memory I relayed in my book, when my young lunch companion, in Edinburgh, informed me that one should “always consume only two-thirds of what’s on your plate.”  I smiled then at the comment, since my frugal mother, my book’s slim-living muse, would have been horrified to “waste” purchased food like that.  I smiled now at the memory.  And I smiled even more deeply at the realization that, ten years on, plus ça change plus ça reste le même chose.  The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Fortunately for me, I was not travelling abroad for this lunch.  I did not have to waste it or stuff myself too full.  I would be able to enjoy the rest of this deliciousness at home! 

And I did. 

(Taken home, thank goodness in in a biodegradable container.  Thumbs up to them!)

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