Tired of diets that exclude or restrict? Bored by eating plans that don’t suit your tastes?

Living Slim: A Canadian Woman’s Way offers a joyful and profoundly encouraging approach. Filled with stories of maple syrup, Jiggs’ Dinner, beets, Banff, and hockey, it’s a weight management book like no other.

A Canadian answer to French Women Don’t Get Fat (Mireille Guiliano, 2004), it recounts the author’s own experience of weight gain and weight loss plus the lessons of her mother who “lived slim” her entire life, seemingly without trying. Chapters such as Cranberries in St. Albert, Amélie’s Story and Being Jamie Salé, serve up useful tips, tactics and life experiences of other Canadian women, all detailed with insight, gentle humour and respect. Then there are the author’s cherished food memories from delicious steamed salmon on the Vancouver Island ferry, to succulent lobster by a Prince Edward Island riverside, to ripe cherries in Magog, and delectable salads in the grand old hotel in Banff.

“I believe the imagination is a powerful and sometimes overlooked tool in helping individuals who struggle with weight,” says Salmon. “I hope the food-loving stories in my book will prompt people to think positively and creatively about the possibility of living slim in our challenging North American environment rather than simply dieting to become slim.”

What readers say

“A delightful descriptive read, as though you’re sharing a morning coffee and conversation.”

“This book never gets preachy about how to maintain a healthy weight.”

“The insight into habits that will help people attain their weight loss goals is wonderful…because lifelong habits are definitely what can make the difference for those who struggle.”

“I couldn’t put it down. The interesting stories led me on and on.”

“I sat down to read this book on my backyard deck this morning. What a pleasure to read the lovely descriptions of the delicious foods and beautiful places across our wonderful country!”

“Where can those of us who live south of the border get your book?” (Living Slim’s reply: online only at Barnes & Noble or Amazon. Enjoy!)