Lillian Salmon grew up in the Canadian Atlantic Provinces of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Newfoundland, absorbing a love of good food that eventually translated into more pounds around her waist than she wanted.

An uncomplicated, low-calorie regime in her early twenties managed to trim her down. And years of successful weight management followed. 

But then midlife prompted another weight gain, and this one proved more challenging. 

It was then she began to muse on the habits that had kept her mother slim for a lifetime. New tactics and concepts entered her life, enhancing her fundamental belief that real food is good food and that eating for pleasure and health is a gloriously happy experience.

The result?

Those pounds dropped away, slowly but surely.  And this time she understood it would be for good.

This book tells her story and relays her own and her mother’s secrets to “living slim.”  She hopes it will be a source of inspiration and positive support for all those who love good food and wish to enjoy it to the fullest while also managing their weight.

Salmon worked for many years in communications and is now retired. She lives in Toronto with her husband, enjoys spending time with her grandchildren, taking walks in the great outdoors, and sampling wonderful food. This is her first book