Lillian Salmon is one of three children born to Rev. John R. Scott, a United Church minister and his schoolteacher wife Jean Scott. A “Canadian citizen born abroad,” she was born in Edinburgh, Scotland, in 1948, during the two years her parents lived there while her father furthered his education.

Along with her older sister and parents, Lillian arrived on Canadian soil, in 1949, to live in Salisbury, New Brunswick, where her brother was born. Seven years later, the family followed her father’s work to Baddeck, Cape Breton, and it was in Baddeck that her father died unexpectedly, of a heart attack, when she was ten. 

Widowed so suddenly, Lillian’s mother moved, with her young children, to her parents’ home in St. John’s, Newfoundland, while she decided what to do. One year later, she settled her family in Wolfville, Nova Scotia. Two important considerations underpinned this decision: she expected Wolfville’s Acadia University would offer useful educational opportunities for her children in the future (she had attended Acadia herself); and the location was not far from the Annapolis Valley farm and family of her children’s father. 

Although the decision took her away from her Newfoundland roots and personal support system, her reasoning was typical of a woman who consistently put the needs of her young family first.

Settling in Wolfville meant Lillian grew up surrounded by this gorgeous, almost bucolic part of Canada, replete with stretching dykelands, tidal rivers, a bracing Bay of Fundy shoreline, picturesque apple orchards, and low-lying mountain ridges. Midway through her teen years, she worked for three summers in Quebec’s Eastern Townships (les Cantons de l’Est) where she experienced the wide waters, rocky outcrops and wooded shorelines of Lake Memphremagog and the beautiful agricultural and recreational region that surrounds it. Later yet, visits to Canada’s western Rocky Mountains simply knocked her socks off, as do so many other locations in Canada. She continues to find joy in the beautiful and varied landscapes of this land and considers herself lucky to call it home.

Lillian’s mother’s expectations about Wolfville proved reliable: Lillian graduated from Acadia University in 1969 and the University of Western Ontario in 1970 (Journalism). She owned and operated a health food store in east-end Toronto for several years, raised three children, and worked in writing and communications at The Oakville Daily Journal Record, Bell Canada, and Toronto Public Library.

Lillian lives in Toronto with her husband, enjoys spending time with her grandchildren, taking walks in the great outdoors, and sampling wonderful food. This is her first book.