Month: April 2020

We’ll Meet Again

When it comes right down to it what some of us miss most during COVID is the unquestioned ease we used to feel about interaction with others: the unworried assumption that we could start or end a chat with friends with a hug; the knowledge that we could rush to see grandchildren and swoop them into an enormous cuddle. 

So, what I liked most about the Queen’s coronavirus message was her simple reminder that “we’ll meet again.” And she did put the emphasis on “meet.”

This photo was taken at a backyard gathering of friends last summer, where I was enchanted not only by the homegrown veggies but by their artful arrangement.

We’ll meet again.

COVID Cooking: Corn & Bean Salad

What makes this “COVID cooking?”

It uses simple but good ingredients that keep well so you can space out your shopping: dried black beans; frozen kernel corn; cherry tomatoes; red onion; oil, vinegar and seasonings.

Why does Living Slim love this dish?

Because it’s delicious and nutritious and that’s what Living Slim is all about.

How do you put this together?

If you’re using dried black beans soak for at least 10 hours in cold water. Remember they will double in size. Drain, rinse and simmer in enough salted water to cover for about an hour. Taste to make sure they are done, then drain and let cool. If you’re using tinned beans, rinse and dump into a bowl. Add cooked frozen or tinned corn, chopped red onion and sliced cherry tomatoes. Dress with a gentle vinaigrette. Ratio should be 1 measure of oil to 3 measures of apple cider vinegar with a small sprinkle of sugar, salt to taste, and several shakes of dried parsley and basil. Don’t use too much oil in the dressing as lighter is better. Flavours meld as it sits. Enjoy.